It allows to participate in new business models and / or investment

The SYP (s) are the only form of exchange accepted within the Synapsecoin ecosystem.

Exchange - purchase and direct sale on its own Exchange-CRIPTOWASI

The total supply are 990,000,000 (nine hundred and ninety million) of SYP tokens.

No. The total supply of SYP tokens are fixed. Not minable.

The wallets compatible with ERC20 for SYP are: Myetherwallet and Metamask.

We created a tutorial in which the steps to buy SYP tokens are detailed. This video can be viewed on our official Youtube channel.

We only accept ETH, BTC and LITECOIN, for our tokens sale.

Any type of investment involves a certain level of risk. Investing in a cryptocurrency project is not an exception. We recommend to potential investors that they seek guidance from a reputable financial adviser. We also strongly recommend not to invest beyond your financial capabilities.

Yes. We will keep you informed about entry of Synapsecoin into cryptocurrency exchange markets, through our social media accounts.

The main event of tokens sale and token generation (SYP) is scheduled to begin on December 1, 2018 at 12:00 pm (UTC). It will be open until aggregate contribution and payments received by SYP, are equivalent to our max. limit for this stage.

No. The SYP (s) purchased during any of the four sale phases, will be distributed once the Final token Sale stage of has been completed.

Yes, there will be a minimum purchase requirement on ETH equivalent of $ 5000 USD at Private Sale stage, ETH equivalent to $ 50 USD for Pre Public Sale and Final Sale Phase.

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